Taher Brothers: List of our services!

Welcome to Taher Brothers! We are a company dedicated to distributing different pipes and fitting materials all over Bangladesh. The products that we have in our company all come from well established and trusted brands in the industry so you can be sure that you will only receive the high quality here at Taher Brothers company. 

Here at Taher Brothers, we always strive for excellence and our journey to being the best in the industry starts with dealing only with the best brands of pipes and fittings in the market. Our list of partners includes TATA, Jindal, Bansal, Nezone, Astral Champion and Supreme. These brands are synonymous with excellence and quality in the market.

Aside from our top-notch products, we also offer services that will improve the quality of your pipes and fittings right here at Taher Brothers. With the rapid development of steel materials in the industry, the focus of the market is slowly transitioning from finding the lowest priced service to the highest quality work. 

For us to survive the cut-throat industry, we must meet the customization demands of our clients. For this reason, we offer our services to you! Check them out below and see which services work best for you:  

1. Epoxy resin anti-corrosion coating

Our epoxy resin anti-corrosion coating service allows you to protect your metal pipes from rusting using a one-component coating system that covers the pipes with epoxy ester resin. Our epoxy solution is made with a combination of epoxy resin and the vegetable oil fatty acid ester acting as a film to the metal pipes. Since it uses a solution with recycled vegetable oil material, it is less expensive than any other coating. Additionally, it has a high resistance to alkali. 

The epoxy resin anti-corrosion coating is commonly used as a metal primer and a piece of chemical equipment to prevent corrosion on paint. 

2. Polyethylene resin anti-corrosion coating

If you want a coating that has a strong sealing effect, powerful water-resistance, stable quality and high mechanical strength, we got just the thing for you! Our polyethylene resin anti-corrosion coating is effective in protecting the metal material of your pipes. It might be more expensive than other materials but its quality is insurmountable. So, we highly recommend this service if you are going for quality.    

3. Hot-dip galvanizing

This protection method is an effective step in preventing metal corrosion. It is primarily used in metal structures for different industries. What happens here is we dip the steel in a zinc solution melted at 500 degrees Celsius so the zinc will fully be incorporated into the surface of the steel. 

4. Painting

If you want to give the pipes proper insulation from direct contact with air and dust, we paint them with a layer of light coloured steel pipe paint. With the layer of paint, you can help reduce the oxidation process during the transportation and storage process of the product.